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Growing up, Ren would experiment with less common 2-D and 3-D art platforms (mirrors, cardboard, palm fronds) and techniques (relief, collage, photography), while equally loving to paint and draw. Birds were her favorite drawing subject indoors. Following primary school, she was downcast to learn that candies and sodas would not always be the official winnings for art contests, but her genetics gave her the strength to doggedly carry on. In her senior year of secondary school, she placed or won in seven (7) different student and local art shows, including her school's Best Art Student award and a local art scholarship with her photo in the paper. Over the years she has continued to experiment with alternative mediums (e.g., videotapes, journals, video) but has always progressed and remained loyal to her main squeeze, acrylic painting.

While self-taught in the realm of painting, Ren was mentored by highly talented contemporary artists in more than 45 credit hours of university arts courses, ranging from illustration to computer arts to dramatic writing for the stage, where her final script was presented to a public audience. Her inspirations are drawn from an internal wheelhouse of personal experiences, pop culture, music, noir films, and science fiction seen through the lens of hypermodernism. An affinity for the hard and soft sciences are also incorporated into her art's content. In specific, her degree in anthropology weaves an integral thread of social anxieties, symbols and kinesics throughout Ren's art. And an unwavering interest in astrophysics has brought about the fascinating concept of undiscovered dimensions and parallel universes; the ideal perceived formats for her work's conception. She implores a balance of satire and deep meditation, inviting the viewer to bring his or her own interpretations to her art. Ren currently lives in South Florida and works in her private studio.


My two-dimensional paintings exhibit juxtaposition of illustrative and surrealistic elements. This style helps me to fashion a cabinet of curiosities with unusual visual textures. My representational paintings capture dimensions of history and the future, history not yet revealed, by binding collaged photographs and memories into a single image. These are reworked within my intermediary digital drawings. A final manual replication (by sight and hand, no projectors) exposes diminished and fully reduced historical definitions, constructing alternative histories and futures.



Ren Curtis, 1974


2006-7  School of the Arts, Department of Visual Arts and Art History, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

2002     Center for Electronic Communication (Computer Arts), Florida Atlantic University, Ft Lauderdale, FL

1997-9   B.A., Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

1995      College of Fine Arts, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL (credit B.A.)

1991-5    A.A.,  Liberal Arts, Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach Gardens, FL




Lighthouse Art Center, D'Art for Art, Tequesta, FL

Corner Cafe & Brewery, Tequesta, FL


Art Palm Beach, Art Synergy, West Palm Beach, FL

Activit ArtistaA Gallery, Kerowhacked,  Boynton Beach, FL

Activist ArtistA Gallery, TINYworks, Boynton Beach, FL


Lighthouse Art Center, D'Art for Art, Tequesta, FL


Center for Contemporary Dance, TAE: Twitter Art Exhibit, Orlando, FL



2018-2016 North County Artists Association

2013-2012 Whitney Museum of Art

2008-2003 Delray Art League